My Light Is You

March 3rd, 2007 + 10:03 PM  ·  Blueyes

My Light Is You

There's a Song From Within My heart,

Love that is burning, just a spark.

The Flame grows steady, bright and true,

This warmth I feel, my light is you.

Through a song, the Poets Dream,

In your soul, your eyes a gleem.

Soft words are spoken, a flash in time,

for eternity, two hearts entwine.

With wings on wind, Doves fly so free,

Whispers of a sonnet, that comes from me.

Deep in my heart, this feeling's true,

A song of love, My Light is You.

  copyright Danny L.

I had alot of time on my hands since my
heart attacks and strokes.. my world is
very slowly and very painfully, completely
crashing in on me! cabin fever, stir fever?
hell when you get that far, you will still
smell my perfume!

December 3rd, 2008 + 4:12 AM  ·  tarus

wow that was amazing.that is all i can truely say.well done.

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